Art Dept. Asks For Gov.’s Sincere Support of Artists

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Ghulam Muhammad Maimanagi art department was established in 1351 H.S(AD1972) within the framework of the MoIC under the name of (Fine Arts) and started activities and in 1357 it was renamed to present title within the Art Gallery Department. Since establishment it has trained large number of students and presented to society. Now it is operating in drawing, painting, calligraphy, tailoring, design and computer and Krishnel. Director of National Art Gallery Mohammad Hashem Shariq said, the Art Gallery consists of two parts, the National Art Gallery and Gulam Muhammad Maimanagi Art learning Gallery with four professional departments and 300 students have been enrolled in different sections. The goal of this center is teaching of art free of charge to male and female youth, their capacity building and introduction of the country’s noble art. We have organized numerous exhibitions inside the country to protect our culture, growth of youth, adults and children talents.
On the occasion of graduation of 50 students and distribution of their certifications an exhibition in the fields of painting, Kreshnel knitting and miniature was organized. He added, a one week exhibition was held on the occasion of 37th anniversary of Iranian Islamic Revolution, exhibition and Decoration of 107 works of acknowledged painter Dr. Bahram Sadat, exhibition and Decoration of 50 works of female artists on the occasion of world women day in the MoWA, exhibition on the occasion of Art Day of 22nd of Mizan in the headquarters of National RTV in which 30 pieces of works of painting, calligraphy and miniature with the participation of large number of people and artists. Another exhibition was also organized on Mizan 22nd of 1394 by the MoALI in which 25 painting, calligraphic and miniature were displayed. One exhibition on the occasion of 97th Independence Day was organized in which achievements of our students and teachers were displayed.
Talking on the top students, Shariq said, we have trained a lot of top students. On Aug 12.2016, a painting competition was held on prevention of premature marriages on the occasion of world youth Day by the Afghan Family Gaidance Association (AFGA in which our student Habibullah Najeeb won the first position. He had attended a competition in India in which he acquired the title of “Ambassador of Peace” which was a great pride for our Gallery.
Shariq went on to say, for improvement of our students professional skills, we plan to organize workshops on combination of colors, displaying of artistic films, art of Nuristan engraving and sculpturing which are forgotten will be undertaken soon. We want to develop the Gallery to all districts and provinces to facilitate access of all children. We also plan to develop Maimanagi Art Gallery to an Institute at a college level that its students would be able to continue their higher education in the faculty of Fine Arts, Kabul University that requires sufficient budget and serious attention of the government. Shariq added, our teachers and students produce nice and priceless pieces of works with their indefatigable efforts but unfortunately they have no customers. I request our traders and rich people who own magnificent higher buildings and palaces to decorate them with our works and encourage our young talented artists and support national art,
lack of regular electricity as our main problem. Namrad Hakak one of the participants of this exhibition from Jawzjan province said the art of engraving in Jawzjan has disappeared due to modern traditions. I attended this exhibition in hope of restoring of this art. Ferozan one of the Kreshnet knitting teachers asked the MoIC to make marketing for their products. 
Karima Malikzada

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