Brussels Conference Vital For Afghanistan

Sunday July 24, 2016

Kabul (BNA) It is planned that Afghanistan along with its international colleagues and world community to hold a conference in Brussels in near future and proclaim more long-term supports with Afghanistan.
No doubt, this support covers beside economic, political, military aspects other humanitarian dimensions as well. Afghanistan that is in the focal point of international community should satisfy it that a secure, stable and developed Afghanistan is in the benefit of region and the world as a whole and international community willingly would adopt measure to annihilate the hideouts of terrorists, those terrorists who are training in neighboring Afghanistan and flagrantly are supporting by its army. This made worry the international community as well. Because, the latter is standing beside Afghanistan in war on terror and doesn’t permit Afghanistan to be faced with problem.
Proclamation of political, military support from Afghanistan by international community in Warsaw Summit was a clear message to terrorists and their allies. It proved that they don’t let alone Afghanistan. Now, Afghanistan is ready completely and it is asserted by its international partners that they would express once more their long-term cooperation with Afghanistan in Brussels upcoming conference and never let alone this country and enhance their cooperation more. Afghanistan government also goes to this conference with clear proposals and great achievements, because, the Brussels conference has vital worthy for Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan respects human rights and is committed to safeguard women rights too. Similarly, the government of Afghanistan makes effort with all its strength to protect all world achievements gained within recent fifteen years and develop them.
Politicians and people support their government in this respect.
Recently, the president of national unity government had gathering with people’s representatives in parliament and national strata of the country.
They unanimously lauded the initiatives of the government that as a result, the international community has been convinced and decided to continue its long-term cooperation with Afghanistan. As it is mentioned before, terrorism would be regarded once more as a great danger in Brussels conference and also those who enforce and support terrorism should come under hard re-preachments. The international community specifically the US and NATO exert pressure on them. Those circles and functions who don’t refrain from such activities should be isolated. Afghanistan is proud for being loyal to its commitments pledged to international community and adopted measure in the connection. Afghanistan took quick steps in counter corruption and is grateful sincerely for any step taken for rendering assistance to it by international community and this country makes effort to be changed as a crossroad of the region and the world for growing of economy and trade and the region and world countries to utilize from the geographical location of Afghanistan. It would be an important step to be taken for Afghanistan self-sufficiency and this country not to be loaded on the shoulder of international community any more.
Suraya Raiszada

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