Cabinet Meeting Approves Draft Law on Electoral Reforms

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Presided over by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the cabinet meeting on Monday has approved a draft law paving the way for electoral reforms before the parliamentary vote, a statement from the Presidential Palace said.
At the outset, the second vice president presented the draft law on electoral reforms, adding that the proposals and comments of the previous cabinet meeting included in the law and is ready for the approval.
The cabinet after in-depth discussion on provisions of the law, emphasized on single-member constituency, which means only voters within a specific district would vote for their specific candidate, the statement added. Principally approving the draft law, the cabinet session tasked the second vice president to bring amendments to the law based on the suggestions made by the participants of the session.
Later on, the Minister of Justice presented the draft law on extradition of suspects and accused as well as the sentenced people to the prison, adding that law was prepared within 3 chapters and 11 articles.
According to Minister, the law was prepared after the technical committee’s review to ease bilateral legal ties with foreign governments in term of extradition of the suspects, transferring of the foreign inmates and demanding the same from the foreign countries and joint counter terrorism and criminal operations based on the decisions made by the cabinet session dated 5/12/1395 H.S. The cabinet principally approved the draft law and tasked the Minister of Justice and the National Security Advisor to bring the necessary amendments. The cabinet session also approved the draft on amendments to the article fifth and sixth of the laws on privileges of the Medical staffs at risk which was presented by the Minister of Justice, tasking the Minister that in close coordination with the Ministries of Finance, Public Health, Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, to finalize the draft after necessary amendments proposed by the cabinet. At the end, the Minister of Finance asked for adding of Afs 742450383 amount assisted by the donor countries to the development budgets of the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology, the Brishna Sherkat, Central Statistics Office, and to the development and ordinary budget of the Administrative office of the President in the national budget of the 1395 fiscal year, which the cabinet approved the request after detailed discussions.

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