Capital Punishment Needed to Stop Weave of Terror: VP Saleh

Kabul (BNA) First Vice President Amrullah Saleh in a tweet said yesterday that punishment of those behind targeted killings and other terrorists’ activities a must to curb wave of terror in the country.

“Our brave security & law enforcement personnel have apprehended & captured dozens of terrorists involved in sticky bombs, IEDs & target killings. Due to release of 5500 terrorists before they think they will walk free too. Capital punishment is needed to stop the wave of terror,” VP Saleh tweeted.

VP’s recent tweet comes after he blamed Taliban for the recent targeted killings in the country’s major cities, particularly capital Kabul.

“The assassins of Free Election Afghanistan chief captured. They belong to a Taliban cell known as Muslimyar group operating out of Logar. This is a tall & heavy proof that Talibs are targeting civil society members to weaken the voice of the Republic. They & their supporters must be ashamed,” he said in a tweet on January 9.

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