CE Chairs CMs Session

Tuesday September 6, 2016
Kabul (BNA) The weekly session of council of ministers was held yesterday under the chairmanship of chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah at Sapidar palace in Kabul. Starting his speech by welcoming the martyred week and condolence on the occasion of 15th martyrdom anniversary of the country’s national hero and fifth martyrdom anniversary of Burhanuddin Rabbani, the country’s chief executive prayed to the souls of the country’s martyrs and praised armed forces for their efforts and heroisms. Chief executive condemned those speaking against the country’s national interests and aspirations of the people and martyrs and stressed on unity and solidarity. Chief executive also informed the session of preparations for Brussels conference, saying that the people of Afghanistan were facing with various problems as migration issue and increasingly return of Afghan refugees and others which should be enumerated in the conference. “We should not politically treat with those accusing of corruption in the country. If treated so, we will never succeed. If we do not root out corruption, corruption will destroy this country. Nobody is hero in this country in counter corruption, but it is necessary to honestly counter corruption in the country,” the country’s chief executive added.
Addressing ministers, chief executive said, “You have responsibility towards Allah and your people. Fight corruption and show that changes have come to your offices. In the meantime we want work from the minister, ministers should be given authorization and then they are questioned.” The country’s chief executive in his speech added that nobody would be allowed to make use of principle of counter corruption politically. Related to challenges and political tensions and concerns of the people, chief executive said the people had the right to express concern in this regard, adding that he had talked with the president and these talks were continuing. He hoped to learn from experiences of the past two years for improvement of work and serving the people so that the situation would change. In his speech, chief executive added a number of figures tried and were trying to bring under question the legality and continuation of the national unity government, asserting that national unity government would continue its five years and principled steps would be taken during the coming three years. He also said that the message of the international community for supporting Afghanistan was clear. In the session, the country’s chief executive also extended condolence over the demise of Uzbek President Islam Karimov to his family and the people of Uzbekistan. 

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