CE Discusses Ongoing Political Situation with Jihadi Leaders

Tuesday August 16, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met and consulted with leaders and commanders of jihad and resistance, representatives of national assembly, academic and cultural figures over recent changes and incidents in the country. In the meeting held Sunday evening in Sapidar palace the country’s chief executive appreciated hundreds of the country’s figures and leaders for supporting him once again. “Formation of national unity government was the result of sacrifices you gave two years ago; the sacrifice which was critical. If it was not been, Afghanistan’s situation would be different,” Dr. Abdullah said. While apologizing from the people of Afghanistan, the country’s chief executive said he had not been able to exercise on your demands and wishes during the past two years, but the way they chose two years ago was the way for saving Afghanistan from crisis.
Pointing to standing of the people during elections and aftermath Dr. Abdullah said that you have proved your bravery and heroism towards implementation of the people’s aspirations. Considering the people’s trust on his electoral team as the biggest spiritual investment, the country’s chief executive said your resistance has turned into a new page, but unfortunately your wishes had not been met during the past two years. Dr. Abdullah recalled the previous two years as a historic phase, saying that they have tolerated the situation during the past two years. He assured that efforts of the people would not be wasted.

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