CE Says NUG Programs To Empower Women

Sunday July 31, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with a number of women from different provinces who have successfully ended the training course on ‘Advocacy for Women’ organized by the National Democratic Institute here yesterday, a CE press office statement said.
According to the statement, the representatives of the women briefed the Chief Executive on advocacy programs for women, including women’s active role in government institutions, political parties, civil society organizations and electoral campaigns. Besides supporting the National Unity Government’s (NUG) plans, the women termed lack of security, increasing violence against women in government institutions, poverty, unemployment and lack of education opportunities as the main challenges ahead of the country’s women, asking the Chief Executive to address their problems.
Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said that within last 15 years, there were enough opportunities, where most of which were spoiled adding that the NUG doesn’t have enough resources comparing with the former government, but the international community is committed to support the Afghan government. The Chief Executive further said that the government has proper plans for empowerment of women across the country, naming the ‘Promote’ programs one of the examples which aims to educate and empower women. Dr. Abdullah also pledged to provide enough opportunities for empowerment and education of women across the country, adding that government is committed to let women find their own position in the society. According to another report, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with a number of elders from ‘Kabul district council’ here yesterday, a press statement from CE office said. According to the statement the elders enumerated a number of their problems, including insecurity, asking the government to address their social and security problems with decisive decisions. The Chief Executive pledged to address their problems, adding that security threats could be foiled with unity and direct support of the country’s citizens.

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