Celebration of Independence Day Means To Mark Afghanistan’s Abundant History, Ms. Saraj

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is a country with old history, where have been always witnessed wars in the course of history, as on Asad 28, 1919 many brave men and heroes’ blood had shed to obtain the independent of the country.
On how the Independence Day was celebrated in the past, Mahbouba Saraj, King Amanullh Khan’s nephew and civil activist that fortunately, the Afghan nation has enjoyed prides and historical values during the history.’ The Independence Day was magnificently celebrated for seven nights in the past, and the people from around the country were enthusiastically rushing to capital to attend the festival, Ms. Saraj further said. Chaman-e-Hozouri, in the capital Kabul was the place where the people had been camping out one week before the festival and all artists were taking preparations to celebrate the Independence Day, Ms. Saraj added. Likewise, different programs such as, theatre and circus shows had been also exhibited for seven days and in the first day of the festival, statement of king Amanullah Khan was releasing through Radio Afghanistan then it was delivering  to provinces through letters and then provincial governors, Ms. Saraj went on to say.
Regretfully, we should confess that due to long years of domestic wars and crisis, celebration of the Independence Day has been forgotten and in 2001 and 2002, this day lost its real importance, Ms. Saraj continued. In fact, if we don’t say to the people particularly, the young generation about the nation, and about the fights to obtain freedom, undoubtedly, we didn’t perform our responsibility, before the government and nation properly, Ms. Saraj added. This is the main responsibility of the government to tell about their abundant history and prides to the future generation, and this will come true only when the government magnificently celebrate the Independence Day, Ms. Saraj hinted. The only thing that can keep the history alive is to inform the future generation through universities, schools and religious schools, Ms. Saraj pointed out.
On why this day is not celebrated magnificently over the last years, Ms. Saraj called tribal discrimination one of the reasons, adding King Amanullah Khan has not only fought for the freedom of Afghanistan but to all people and tribes who have been living in it. Ms. Saraj said, “I expect the young generation of Afghanistan to live alongside each other apart from any kind of linguistic, tribal and sectarian discriminations.” The Afghan youth should not thing that the freedom has easily achieved; but thousands’ blood shed so Afghanistan has become independent, Ms. Saraj said. Therefore, the Independence Day should be magnificently marked like other regional and the world countries, Ms. Saraj added. Afghanistan’s Independence Day is celebrated in Afghanistan on Asad 28 to commemorate the Anglo-Afghan Treat of 1919. The treaty granted a complete neutral relation between Afghanistan and British. Although, Afghanistan was never part of the British Empire, the British fought three wars in Afghanistan.

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