CE’s Congratulatory Message On 97th Independence Day

Saturday, August 20, 2016
Kabul (BNA) It is a matter of pleasure that Afghanistan once more celebrated the 97th Independence Anniversary, CE Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said in his message.
Asad 28 (August 18), is not only a day, but a lesson to our future generation, the message said.  97 years ago, Amir Amanullah Khan defeated the British invaders and announced Afghanistan’s Independence, the message further said.
Announcement of the country’s independence by King Amanullah Khan delivered a message to regional countries that Afghanistan has fought foreign invaders and achieved its independence by its own, the message added.
King Amanullah Khan was an improved, open-mind, humble and patriotic person, the message continued.
Fortunately today, millions of students are studying in schools and universities in and abroad, indicating a promise toward complete independency, bright future and a self-sufficient Afghanistan, the message added.  ‘I congratulate this auspicious day to all Afghans and hope the people celebrate it with book and pen and encourage their children to go to school,’ the CE said in his message.
The government of national unity is making effort to strengthen the national unity and pave the way for education throughout the country, the message concluded.

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