China Reaffirms Cooperation To Post-2014 Afghanistan

Monday February 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Chinese government is committed to continued supporting Afghanistan in various spheres including military training of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), agricultural development and most importantly in the peace negotiation process, said Chinese foreign minister Wing Ye in a news conference here in Kabul on Saturday.
He also pinned towards the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Afghanistan and the United States, an agreement that will allow the US forces to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014 and urged that signing of the security deal between Kabul and Washington wont overshadow the close diplomatic and political relations between Afghanistan and China and Beijing will continue backing Afghanistan in various sectors in the long term period. This is the first trip of the Chinese foreign minister to Afghanistan in the past twelve years.
The Chinese foreign minister said that Afghanistan has gained tangible growth in different fields, reiterating his country’s longstanding support to Afghanistan following the military and political transitions. “I want to clarify that Chinese assistance to Afghanistan will not be affected by an external factor and its part of our government policy,” Chinese foreign minister Wing Ye said in a statement. “Signing of the bilateral security agreement between the US and Afghanistan will not affect the Chinese cooperation and relations with Afghanistan.” In the meantime, Afghan foreign minister Zarar Ahmad Osmani declared Chinese People’s Republic as close ally and trustable neighbor to Afghanistan and emphasized on further expansion of bilateral ties between the two countries and the region, saying that China must contribute in combating terrorism and military.
“We are committed on war capabilities of the Afghan security forces, but these forces require further training and military equipment, we hope that the Chinese government supports us in this sphere,” foreign minister Zarar Ahmad Osmani said. In addition, Chinese diplomat said that in the upcoming of Heart of Asia Conference which is expected to be held in soon, the Chinese government will strive to persuade the member nations to extend their cooperation and supports to Afghanistan in coming years in peace negotiation process, economic development programs, saying China believes that stable Afghanistan not only preserve the interests of the regional countries but also to international peace and security. The Chinese foreign minister said that 2014 would be a destiny making year to Afghanistan and the events which will take place this year would have direct impacts on security situations in the region, citing that china will cooperate with Afghanistan to uphold these events successfully. It’s quite important to mention that China is the second economic power in the world and it maintains major reputation in international politics. So expansion of relation between Afghanistan and China would have positive impacts on socioeconomic development of the two neighbors.

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