China Will Not Spare Any Efforts To Support Afghanistan, Wang Yee

Sunday, February 23, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Afghan NS advisor Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta in a meeting with Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yee discussed and exchanged views on different issues between the two countries including war on terror, presidential election, peace and reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan and role in Pakistan in war on terror. 
According to presidential press office to BNA, in this meeting Dr. Spanta called China a good friend and neighbor of Afghanistan and emphasized on expansion of relations between the two countries.
Re-emphasizing Chinese pledges before Afghanistan and touching the recent visit of President Hamid Karzai and president of China on the sideline of Sochi winter games in Russia, the Chinas foreign minister said that increase of contacts are useful for further improvement of relations  between  the  two  countries.
He added, China is good and reliable friend of Afghanistan and his country will remain loyal to cooperation in different spheres with Afghanistan and will not spare any effort in this direction.
Calling 2014 an important year for Afghanistan, China MoF emphasized that events in this year could remain direct impact on the security situation of the region and China supports all these important events in Afghanistan.
Wang Yee talked on recommendations for further improvement of security and intelligence cooperation’ between the two countries and called existence of terrorists in the region including terrorist elements of Eastern Turkistan organization as a threat to all countries including China and emphasized on fighting against these elements.
He called the role of Pakistan crucial in war on terror said that they are in contact with Pakistan in this connection and Pakistan has promised to fight  against these elements.
Appreciating progresses in preparations for holding presidential elections in Afghanistan, Chinese MoFA said with no doubt today Afghanistan has gained ability to organize elections and provide election security independently.
Talking on peace process he said his country supports a comprehensive Afghan led process and foreign countries involved in this process should also cooperate for removal of obstacles on the way of peace in Afghanistan and China is ready to make essential efforts in this direction.
At the end of the meeting thanking China continued support and cooperation for Afghanistan, NS advisor Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta addressed China as a good friend of Afghanistan said that Afghanistan is ready for every cooperation on war on terror and emphasized that the main obstacle on the success of war on terror is existence of terrorism hideouts and shelters and until these sanctuaries are not eliminated we will not have an effective war on terror.

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