City Signboards To Standardize With Special Colors

Monday July 25, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Based on signboards’ law, there will be two types of signboards installed citywide, one is for the shops, private schools, higher education institutes, clinics and hospitals and another one is the billboards which are installed on avenues and power pillars and are bigger in size.
Head of Kabul Municipality Cultural Services Department, Eng. Rahila Kohistani told, the Law of Signboards has been enforced on 13 Jawza, 1393 and printed in official gazette by the ministry of finance. Ms. Kohistani said, ‘the city markets and shops have not been properly built and arranged, and those whose houses are near the roads and streets have destroyed them and built shops instead and rented them to people. As anyone who gets a shop then installs a signboard on it and finally creates disorder in the city, Kohistani further said.
The Kabul Municipality has a extensive plan on logos, as a commission chaired by Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publications has been established to make better the logos, Kohistani went on to say.
The commission is consisted of many organs, and the Kabul Municipality is making effort to standardize the signboards in cooperation with traders and other related offices. The municipality plans to specify the color of signboards of hospitals, clinics, government offices, supermarkets, higher education institutes, etc., Kohistani continued. But unfortunately, the Kabul Municipality lacks technical materials and personnel to practice the process, Kohistani added. On signboards’ size, Ms. Kohistani said, ‘the size of billboards and signboards are different, starts from 18 to 32 square meters, as the biggest size in Kabul will be 18 square meters, but bigger size is needed in hilltops and remote areas.’ On billboards tax, Ms. Kohistani said, ‘the tax of signboards is charged by any square meter which is 500 AFG to 8500 AFG and the amount goes to the government budget.’ An art faculty student, Farid Ahmad Shahi said, ‘the billboards and signboards are seen all around the city that caused to reduce the beatification. Therefore, I ask the Kabul municipality and the related commission to pay attention in the respect.’
Karima Malikzada

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