Civil Society Should be Accountable for Making Accusations: President Ghani

Kabul (BNA) The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with Chairman and members of the Anti-Corruption Commission at the Golkhana Palace on Tuesday evening, said that the civil society should be accountable for making accusations and accept legal responsibility of the unsubstantiated accusations.

At the outset, President Ghani expressed his full support for the commission in implementing the Anti-Corruption Law, saying that parallel administrations should be identified so that the necessary decisions be made about their fate, said the presidential press office statement.

The president, as quoted in the statement, instructed the commission leadership to prepare a clear procedure and define the competencies for the evaluation of ministers and heads of independent departments, and said that the anti-corruption commission should be independent in terms of budget.

Abdul Qayyum Nezami, head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, shared the activities report with the president, saying the commission would conduct its own investigations independently and that fundamental changes would be made in the fight against corruption, the statement added.

He also said that that the commission is now working on a one-year interim strategy and will conduct its assessments of the five-year comprehensive strategy within six months. “We are still working on a plan that will determine the fate of parallel and unnecessary offices,” he added.

After hearing the report, President Ghani welcomed the work of the Anti-Corruption Commission for preparation of temporary and permanent strategies, and said that these strategies needed to be submitted to the High Council for Rule of Law for approval and then to the Cabinet.

“The independence and competence of the commission should be clear so that it can probe, including my office, the relevant presidential offices and all government departments,” the president added, according to the statement.

“People who have been imprisoned for corruption cases should not be re-employed and the laws should be changed in this regard, and the Anti-Corruption Commission should also have the authority to propose suspensions to the president.”

Concluding his speech, the President said that it was important for civil society to be accountable for the accusation they made, adding that they present their accusation with evidence and accept the legal responsibility for the unsubstantiated accusations.

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