CM Economic Committee Holds Session

Tuesday, August 02, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the session of economic committee for council of ministers was held at Sapidar palace yesterday.
In the session, first ‘Afghanistan national peace and development framework’ document to be delivered by Afghanistan government to Brussels conference was discussed.
The document prepared by finance ministry describes Afghanistan priorities, commitments and suggestions for improvement of Afghanistan economy and development, self-sufficiency and tranquility and will be delivered to Brussels conference.
Participants in the session shared their suggestions for better preparation of the document, asking the ministry of finance to improve its language, literature, accurate its figures and include suggestions of all institutions in it.
The country’s chief executive said that a conclusive document should be provided to the Brussels conference in order to absorb the international Community’s assistance for Afghanistan.
He added that the document should be enriched by including other issues as refugees, counternarcotic, foreign investment in Afghanistan, environment and transportation system.
In the session, the participants discussed related to suggestions made by Farooq Azamfuel company in Kabul. The country’s chief executive regarded suggestions of the company as improper and tasked a delegation to assess the company’s activities.
Afterwards, minister of agriculture and livestock said the country’s chief executive that security posts in chicken farms located in Bagrami of Kabul have created problems and asked addressing the problems.
Chief executive instructed ministry of interior to make the security post to leave the area.

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