Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Kabul (BNA) In spite of that, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan emphatically has said that it welcomes any constructive negotiation for restoring peace in Afghanistan and in the region but it looks to its ambiguous parts of Taliban’s delegation visit to China with suspicion.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes according to media reports a Taliban delegation has arrived Beijing for holding talks with Chinese authorities.
China is among the countries, which has participated at quadripartite sessions held for bringing peace and stability in to Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, the sessions have caused no any tangible result due to dual policy of Pakistan on Taliban and in the region.
The majority of military and political experts believe that Pakistan conducting such efforts and activities tries to introduce Taliban as a military and political power in the region.
Considering the statements delivered by political experts  regarding restoring peace and stability in to  Afghanistan and in the region, there is fear that such visits and negotiations, provide the ground for terrorist groups among them Taliban to reconcile and establish ties with other countries in the region.
Pakistan has never been honest in bringing peace and security in to Afghanistan. If Pakistan truly wants to restore peace in Afghanistan and in the region, using its influence among terrorist groups particularly among Taliban can play a significant role in insuring peace and stability in Afghanistan and in the region. Unfortunately, as it mentioned earlier and the previous experiences show, certain circles in Pakistan are behind every political and Military move of Taliban that strengthens the idea that until Pakistan not desist from supporting Taliban peace not restore in to Afghanistan and in to the region.
The majority of Afghan citizens in different parts of the country persistently have insisted that, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan instead of conducting talks with Taliban’s representative should hold talks directly with Pakistan.
According to the people, the basic factor of insecurity and tension in Afghanistan and in the region is in Pakistan, because, the hideouts and sanctuaries of Taliban leaders and other terrorist groups are located in Pakistan territory. 

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