Saturday, August 6, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Anti-terror campaign and ending, this loathsome phenomenon requires an international cooperating and equipping Afghan security forces who are fighting terrorists and extremists in frontline of the battle, could be the main part of this cooperation.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes terrorism is an awful international phenomenon that is suffocating and threatening world civilization and suffering mostly the countries exercising insecurity and poor economy. Afghanistan is among those countries from where terrorist and extremist networks try to emerge as a devastating threat against the region and entire world. Therefore terrorism and extremism are the common threat to the world community and for removing this deadly threat a close and honest cooperation of regional and international required. Fortunately, nowadays most of the countries understanding that clear and open fact have sided with Afghan security forces and expressed their commitments for equipping and supporting Afghan forces in war against terrorism and extremism in order to rescue not only Afghanistan and the region but the entire world from this inhumane phenomenon.
Recently Mohammad Hanif Atmar the national security advisor visit Russia that is most vulnerable against the growth of terrorism and extremism in Central Asian countries. Meanwhile Russia is a country that Afghan army and police can use Russia made weapons and equipment easily. Sources close to national security advisor say coordination and cooperation in war against terrorism and equipping Afghan security and defending forces were the main demand of Mr. Atmar from the Russian authorities who positively responded and vowed to cooperate Afghan forces in their war against terrorism. The visit of Mr. Atmar was coincident to the visit of Afghan army chief of staff to China. The issues that Mr. Qadam Shah Shaheem the army chief of staff discussed with Chinese were the same issues Mr. Atmar raised with Russian relevant authorities. The outcomes of the visits of those two high ranking Afghan authorities indicate that the incentive for cooperation and counter terrorism struggle that threat the people across the world exist at international level.
On the other hand, the US president in his recent statements has said that his country would not permit once again Afghanistan became the hideout of terrorists. He insisting on incessant support of Afghan security forces called it a need. The statements delivered by Russian, Chinese and American authorities who enjoy the most economic and military power, we come to the conclusion that the world knowing the fatal consequences of terrorism has no way but to join hands for complete eradication of this heinous phenomenon. If US, Russia, China as economic and military powers of the world honestly cooperate in war against terrorism, peace and stability will restore in Afghanistan, the region and the entire world would be rescued from the evil of terrorism forever. 

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