Sunday August 7, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Fire on a commercial market in Kabul revealed incapability and shortage of relevant authorities and raised many questions that the people are eager to hear the answers.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, recently a commercial market in Kabul has seen a huge and destructive fire that destroyed the Market. According to the reports, 1200 shops were operating in the market. The shopkeepers claimed that they have sustained 350 million dollars losses due to the fire. In addition, they accused police for being indifference in this destructive incident and lack of fire extinguishing facilities. In spite of that the police authorities among them General Rahimi the Kabul police chief rejecting the claim that the fire sparked intentionally, insisted that sparking the fire and its fatality was obvious for everybody, but his reasoning not satisfied the owners of shops, because, earlier to the fire, there were rumors about presence of terrorists in the market. After that, the fire starts in tenth stories and in short time the flames reach the first story of the building that caused the suspicion and raised the sense of curiosity of the public and the shopkeepers. Therefore, they want to know the reason for starting this destructive fire.
On the other hand, the recent fire incident was not the only severe incident that caused huge destruction and brought great losses. Earlier to  this, a fire erupted in Faiz Mohammad Nasiry marked that also burnt dozens of shops in to ashes, in addition to this another fire erupted in footwear market clearly show the weak points and vacancies in activities of the authorities of Kabul Municipality, ministry of urban development, police and fire extinguishing department. In the two incidents, the relevant authorities insisted that commercial markets have not been constructed according to standards required and blamed heavy populated area and narrow streets that is the main barrier on the way of fire fighters and meanwhile the owners of commercial markets have not considered the emergency states. This problem once again repeated in last incident of fire in Abasin Zadran Commercial Market and again the relevant authorities said that the marked has not built according to the standards and the safety and security issues have not observed in building of the market.
In addition, the incident made it clear that fire-extinguishing department has not equipped with equipment needed to fight the fire on high story buildings. Now a question raises that if Abasin Zadran market has not built like Faiz Mohammad Nasiry market or other markets have not built according to standards, then who have issued the license for constructing and operating such buildings. The relevant authorities after the fire sparking in earlier mentioned Markets, had made specific commitments regarding to standardizing the construction of the markets, but so far have not employed their commitments in practice.
The authorities of Kabul Municipality, ministry of urban development and fire extinguishing department should inform the public about their activities regarding to standardizing the construction of commercial markets and what measures they have taken to fulfill their earlier made commitments. Also, the people ask police to know about the person or persons who spread the rumors of presence suicide attackers in the market and the way the fire started. What happened in Abasin Zadran Market was another weakness and lack of capacity in city, commercial and fire-fighting managements that the relevant authorities should seriously focus on and adopt practical measures for removing the problems, because the people want practical and sympathetic services not commitments and establishing commissions.

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