Tuesday August 9, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Starting the program of (Implementing Strategy for Managing Public Financial Affairs) provides a better opportunity for the safety of public funds and assets.
BNA economical analyst commenting on the issue recently writes the program of implementing the strategy for managing financial affairs and the commencement of revisable five-year plan officially started. The President, Executive Chief, Finance Minister and some other high-ranking government officials were present in inauguration ceremony held for starting the program. Planning and implementing the program is a part of the government’s commitments regarding to bringing reforms in financial system and further transpiring the system. The program of (Implementing Strategy for managing Public Financial Affairs) determines the ways of organizing financial affairs and using the funds in an effective and proper way.
The program is due to be present in Brussels conference holds on international aids to Afghanistan within next some months. The Afghan authorities will attend in such important session, while they have all plans and programs in hand for management of financial affairs and improving the financial system of the country. Earlier the management of financial affairs and the ways of spending international aids to Afghanistan faced with many questions and criticism. Establishing such a program can provide a proper response to the people regarding to expending the funds and a factor of transparent accounting for the donors.
Establishing the program called Implementing Strategy for Management of Public Financial affairs is a part of Afghan government commitments for bringing reforms and good governance. As President Ghani pointed out that, the national unity government since starting its activities has spared no any efforts for bringing necessary reforms in offices and going on that regard to hit its targets. He talking about 22% increase in national incomes said that the percentage could double and insisted that the state would support big economic projects. The management of the financial affairs of the country program for organizing financial affairs indicates that the government relevant authorities working with responsibility and is ready to be accountable before both the people and donors.
The move can be a good omen for economic improve and further strengthening financial situation in the country and can be consider as a preliminary move toward reforming financial affairs but it is not the end of the work. As it mentioned above, the state is committed in bringing reforms in financial system of the country. The reforms start from ministry of finance. The people expect at first step, the finance ministry to end the wide gap between the salaries of state’s officials and staffs, seriously monitor the income sources and to equip customhouses with modern technology and to be ready to provide reasonable responses for every question and criticism raised on financial affairs issues.  On the other hand improving financial affairs and bringing reforms in the financial system of the country is not only the obligation and responsibility of an organ or department, but it is the obligation and responsibility all people to join hands and collectively work to achieve this noble aim. The people should consider the mines, forests, highways, and state-owned factories as public ownership and spare no any efforts for their safeguarding and preventing from looting and damaging and support the government in implementing its financial programs among them, Implementing Strategy for Managing Public Financial Affairs.

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