Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kabul (BNA)  August 18 is an historical day in history of Afghanistan that narrates about bravery and epics of Afghan people who with power of faith and patriotism fought against the most brutal and so-called invincible colonialism of the era.
The Afghans in an amazing victory obtained their independence and paved the way for other nations, following the Afghans rose against colonialists, and rescues themselves from their yoke.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the brave Afghans in a complete unity and under a single leadership fought against British colonialism for the first time in the east and became victorious in this unequal war, obtained their independence. The Afghan victory in war against the most powerful, tyrannical, and wicked colonialism, was the start of uprisings of other nations suffering under the yoke of colonialist for years and ending old colonialism.
The August 18 great event occurred 97 years ago is a permanent honor that transfer from one generation to the next and teach our sons the lesson of bravery, patriotism, liberty and humanity that is the price of bloods, Afghans’ brave sons shed for freedom and independence.
Independence and liberty has closely linked to safeguarding territorial integrity and nation sovereignty, which make the political, social, and economic life of every nation.  Lack of liberty and independence make the nations silence and prisoners, without any intentions and no way to be obedient to aliens and their chronic foes. Therefore, liberty and independence make our identity, we honor and safeguard them as Almighty God bless.
For safeguarding independence, just chanting slogans and poems and literary statements is not sufficient. It requires all incentive to be establishing in order to enjoy a real independence that has come at the cost of the lives of our patriotic ancestors. Therefore, now it is   time, the Afghans to understand their obligations and duties for safeguarding independence the sacred heritage of our ancestors and establish all criteria for independence our ancestors advised. 
Unfortunately, today Afghanistan once again is the scene of foreign conspiracies, interventions, and big political games. It is a clear fact that there are big powers behind the conspiracies and plots but their slaves countries based on instructions of their masters carry them out. Now, it is the obligation and duty of Afghan nation to stand firmly against the wicked conspirators as our ancestors stood against the so-called invincible colonial power. Creating all necessary incentives among them, national unity ends the plots and interventions. Otherwise, it will have evil consequence for our country, collapses our economy, disrupts our social order, and endangers our independence that is the sacred heritage of our ancestors and throws the country in a deeper crisis.
The power that comes from national unity is a key for the solution all above mentioned problems and ending the foreign interventions and conspiracies.
Now, it is the duties and obligations all patriotic Afghans to say no to all kinds of discriminations including ethnical and linguistic prejudices, form a real force this is national unity and fight against foreign interventionists and conspirators as our ancestors fought against the most powerful colonial country of the time.  

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