August 27, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Attack on American Afghan University in Kabul was a complicated organized terrorist action should be assessing, as a war crime and its perpetrator should be trial in an international court.
BNA political analyst commenting on that savage and brutal attack writes, recently Kabul once again was the scene of an attack on American University of Afghanistan where a number of students, professors the university  and civilians lost their lives. This flagrant and inhumane crime proved that this dark minded, ignorant and mercenary group has specific hostility with tranquility of people and knowledge and sciences. This barbaric attack indicates that recently terrorists systematically targeting the students and scholars as they beheaded two students in Helmand and another in Tagab district Kapisa province. Likewise, the enemies of knowledge and wisdom blasting a mine in school in central Baghlan injured a number of students.
Earlier also, Taliban targeting the graduates of police academy martyred a number of them and in another terrorist attack carried out in Kabul city by terrorists claimed the lives of a number of our compatriots mostly were educated people and activists of social society.
Conducting summary trials in Helmand, Farah , Sangcharak ….Taliban notorious group, martyred a number of innocent people. Damaging bridges, schools, public places have become the daily activities of terrorist networks who commit these heinous and inhumane crimes as the foreign intelligence service instruct.
The perpetrators of attack on American university of Afghanistan, beheading of our compatriots in Dehmazang and the incident of Company area should traced and trial according to Islamic law and the enforced laws of the country and punished accordingly.
These terrorists’ attacks raise certain questions, how did Taliban and other terrorist groups have succeeded to carry such disastrous attacks inside barricaded big cities? How terrorists using the gaps reach to the targets commit the crime? These are the questions firstly, the intelligence organs and then security forces should respond to the people.
The important issue that should focus on is the consequences of the above crimes that is killing of our innocent people, harming educational institutes, wide spearing of distrust, fear among people, and reduce public confidence to security and defending forces of the country. 
The other issue regarding the crimes in national level is condemnation of the crimes by ordinary citizen up the president and in international level, the crimes severely condemned by UN, NATO, White House, and even by the Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif. However, a question rises; do such condemnations settle any problem?
Our long suffering people expect the political and security authorities of the country beside condemning these barbaric crimes take practical and effective measures for bringing the criminal to the court as soon as possible and punish them according to the law.
At international level, our friends leave aside dual and self-style dealing regarding with the terrorists. There is no doubt today or tomorrow a terrorist group, network or the leadership of terrorists and extremists stationed in Pakistan and the intelligence service of that know them well, will claim the responsibility of the crime.
Therefore, it would be required to act against the group, intelligence service that carry out and support the attacks and the host country of terrorism and extremism according to international standards and laws.

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