Monday August 29, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The best strategy for reducing causalities among defending and security forces is better equipping those forces including the air force of the country.
BNA the military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, it is an open fact that the extensive, barbaric and brutal attacks by terrorists in different parts of the country and the heroically defense of Afghan national army and security forces  who fight for independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country have some casualties among those brave men.
But cause concern among the people is the recent statement of the Resolute Mission Support spokesperson, according to him during the last eight months 5000 brave sons of this country have lost their lives for maintaining freedom, deepening democracy and social justice. They fought heroically, shed their bloods, but let not the satanic forces, trained by intelligence service of the region reach their heinous objectives in Afghanistan. The fighting continues, but it is an urgent need to find a way for reducing casualties among our brave and patriotic forces of the country. For meeting that patriotic goal, equipping Afghan security and defending forces including air forces is an urgent need.
According military experts in fighting with terrorism, beside infantry forces, air force can play a significant role in suppressing the rebels and their supporting foreign forces. The air force can hit the targets inside positions of terrorists and damage their strongholds and hideouts. As, Pakistan seriously wants to continue long-lasting war in Afghanistan, therefore, further equipping and strengthen Afghan air force is an urgent need and requires the relevant authorities to focus on. At the second step, for elimination of terrorism and extremism, the regions where the terrorist are recruited, trained, and equipped should be recognized and closed. The sources of their incomes should be drain and imposed sanctions against their regional and international supporters. In this way the terrorists who not only a deadly threat to the region but the entire humanity will suppress or forced them to come to negotiation table.

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