Sunday September 4, 2016

Kabul (BNA) President Ghani says, the nation wants extensive, continuous, and practical reforms to carry out and they are committed to meet this righteous demand of the people.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, the state commitments regarding initiating infrastructural projects, counter corruption campaign and consistent reforms are the priorities of the state’s authorities. As recently Khwaja Rawash Township as a big residential project inaugurated by president Ashraf Ghani.  The inaugurations of this infrastructural and public utility project met one of the commitments earlier made by the National Unity Government of Afghanistan. Establishing the National Unity Government, the leaders of the government committed to launch and carry out big infrastructural projects. During the last two years since the establishment of the National Unity Government, several infrastructural projects after inauguration have put in exploitation. However, there are still other projects to bet in practice. Unfortunately, the existences of specific barriers including insecurity, lack of budget, administrative corruption are the basic obstacles on the way of implementing the projects. There are certain circles claims that the major obstacle on the way reforms is extensive administrative corruption, while president Ghani inaugurated Khwaja Rawash Township explicitly said that the government was serious in fighting against corruption this heinous phenomenon to its complete elimination.
Although, the leaders of the national unity government have specific commitments for eradication of corruption but there are challenging barriers on the way of implementing programs on that regard. Implementing such humane projects requires a strong national unity the key for the prosperity and tranquility of the country. Therefore, if we really want to rid of all security, economic and social problems say no to all ethnical, linguistic, religious and organizational discriminations and jointly fight for achieving the objectives already set up and meeting the commitments of the government among them eradication of corruption. Standing against reforming programs and counter corruption campaigns in reality is standing against public will. Therefore, it would be the obligation of every Afghan to support the government in implementing its commitments especially in eradication of corruption. 

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