Afghanistan is committed to fight corruption

Tuesday, September 06, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to fight against corruption and believes in bringing reforms, continuation of fighting and terror activities cannot a pretext and barrier on the way of realization of these objectives. The government of Afghanistan on the eve of Brussels Conference conducting meetings with 50 countries and international organization have assessed the implementation of the commitments of Afghan government regarding to bringing reforms, counter – corruption campaign and good governance.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes an international session on continuing international aids to Afghanistan will be hold in Brussels the capital of Belgium very soon. The conference has planed while earlier the international community in regional and international sessions on Afghanistan in Warsaw, London, Brussels, Kabul and other places have depended their aids to Afghanistan to bringing reforms, counter corruption campaign and good governance as pre- requisite to continuation of their aids.
Afghanistan as a war – torn country seriously needs the assistances of international community, therefore, for achieving the aids, has made certain commitments to meet the pre – requisite imposes by international community. At Brussels conference, the donors will assess the implementation of the commitments of Afghan government in practice and the level of its achievements in that regard.
For this reason, Kabul was the scene of a session under the title of the Session of Joint Board for Monitoring and Organizing Brussels Conference with participation of Afghan representatives and 50 countries and international organizations where the participants expressed and shared their views regarding to implementation of Afghan government’s commitments in practice and holding Brussels session.
The world community insists on practical and effective campaign of Afghan government against corruption, establishing good governance and bringing reforms, Eklil Hakimi the Afghan finance minister claims that his country implementing its commitments has obtained the satisfaction of international community. But, the statements delivered by European Union envoy and UN special envoy to Afghanistan say something contrary to that.  They considering the achievements of Afghanistan in fighting corruption insufficient, insist on further efforts in that regard.  It is a fact that insecurity, corruption, poor governance are the most crucial problems that Afghan community suffering a lot. What the international community addressing Afghanistan has said is a bitter fact that cannot ignored. It is important to present a satisfactory response and adopt effective measures for removing the problems. As president, Ghani says in that regard, terrorism should not be a pretext and barrier on the way of reforming. He pointed out that stability, reforming and the rule of law are essential for us and bringing reform on judicial and justice sectors is among the priorities of Afghan government. This indicates that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is very serious in fighting against corruption and injustice and strongly committed to bringing reforms. Therefore, Brussels Conference should not be the scene of hosting some delegations but should be scene of practical political and economic commitments for supporting Afghan people who have sustained grave problems imposed on them abroad.
The economic development of Afghanistan without doubt depends on international cooperation and the commitments of its people for ensuring security, political stability and conscientiously straggles against corruption, the issues that the Afghans and international community should act accordingly. 

Written by Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director of Bakhtar News Agency

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