Wednesday September 7, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Terrorists cannot bring the Afghan people to kneel by murder, brutality and ferocity and use their country as a center of terror activities and a threat for others.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes during the recent days Kabul was at the focus of terrorist networks attention. Terrorist suicide attack on Shahr-e-Naw area, suicide attack on Defense Ministry personnel, carrying brutal and inhumane suicide attack on American University of Afghanistan are the examples of crimes, terrorists, and extremist committed against innocent Afghan people. These barbaric and evil crimes have been carrying out by terrorists for years and decades against our people. The first and ultimate aim of terrorists who are supporting by military, intelligence service and religious circles of the region is to bring Afghan people to their knees and to change their homeland a stronghold for terrorist activities and a threat for other countries across the world.
The temporary domination of Taliban over political life of the people in late 1370 clearly demonstrated the programs and objectives of this ferocious group in Afghanistan. The message of Afghan people for terrorists and their supporters and patrons is clear that is we never surrender to barbarism, firmly stand for building a society based on equality and justice. In addition, spare no any effort for prosperity and tranquility of our homeland with the power of national unity as a key for settling all problems and defeating our chronic enemy and its notorious intelligence service. The firm stance of our people against terrorism is applauding and suppressing terrorists and extremists by our security forces is a matter of pride. Although the moral of our security forces is very high in fighting against terrorism and extremism but the high moral and firm intention of our people and bravery of our security forces should not tested repeatedly.
The people hope the satanic plans and conspiracies of enemies should uncover ahead of implementation and foil to prevent the loss of lives of people and damaging their properties. This righteous demand of people realizes only when the relevant authorities think sympathetically, discover the plots and plans of terrorists, and foil them before occurrence, otherwise, will have fatal consequences as experienced earlier. Therefore, the crimes should prevent ahead of occurrence otherwise, accusation of criminals would not be sufficient and heals no any pain. The people the question how terrorists reach the capital, how they access the instruments used in terrorist attacks and cause heavy casualties and destructions. The people want the security and intelligence organs respond the above question and other like questions and ask the relevant organs to review their programs. They also ask the leaders of National Unity Government to investigate the relevant high-ranking security authorities to find the reasons behind the recent terrorist events.

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