Monday, March 31, 2014
Kabul (BNA)  In spite of Taliban’s threat that they would not participate in the election and  they stepped up their brutal terrorist activities in the country, our people are determined to participate in the  poll, therefore  no any force and threats of terrorists will not prevent them from going to the voting stations
BNA political analyst writes in that regard: 
Afghan people consider the upcoming elections as a national event that plays a significant role in determining their destiny and a prosperous future.
Holding the elections represent a democratic system in establishment of a democratic government. The elections, which strengthen central power in the country, establishes a good governing system and preserves the identify and national values and the infant democracy in the country is in favor all Afghan people therefore,  the entire eligible people, using their right will cast their  ballots in voting boxes  to elect their favorite  leader.
The Afghan outsider enemies who consistently try to damage and plunder our physical and spiritual properties once again shamefully make their efforts to disturb this national event that puts our nation in right track.  Therefore, the intelligence of the region using armed Taliban as a means want to destroy the process of the election and achieve their ambitious goals in the region. 
In spite of that, these barbaric terrorist groups including Panjabi insurgents in recent days have increased their pressures on our people through conducting suicide and terrorist attacks but fortunately, so far they have failed to reach their satanic goals. This is because, the Afghans are committed to participate in the election in order to play their role and obligation in building their country and to ensure security and to bring the bloodshed to the end in their homeland.
All these indicate that the Afghans with national incentives to defend national values and interests consider participation in the election as their obligation and eagerly participate in the process and never surrender to the wills of the enemies.  T. Nemat

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