Wednesday April 9, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The security forces during the last 17 months of hard work, but with high feeling of patriotism and national incentive succeeded to ensure the security of polling stations and to prevent the conspiracies planned by the terrorists and the enemies of Afghanistan to disrupt this national event.
BNA analyst who closely watched the preparations of security forces for this end writes: the preparations for holding presidential and provincial councils elections have started on October of 2013. The controversial issue of these days is how Afghan security forces succeeded to ensure security and stability nationwide, during the election process, because the threats and increasing terrorist incidents by enemies, considered by some people, have made holding the election impossible. The issue of ensuring stability was somewhat a matter of concern even a number of political circles, Member of Parliament, some ethnical elders and civil society and some countries that are committed to ensuring peace and democracy in Afghanistan considered hold elections in Afghanistan impossible and wanted an alternative for it. But, the in-charges of security forces, supported by high ranking officials including Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan repeatedly declared that the Afghan security forces were capable of ensuring security and stability during the elections.
The security authorities, after the date for holding the elections was set up, started planning for ensuring security of the elections, during the last 17 months of hard work, but with adopting effective measures and carrying timely operations could reduce the rate of security threats to the lowest level. The role and commitments of security forces became clearer when the candidates for presidency started their campaign. The candidates for presidency and provincial councils, enjoying the support of security forces went to the remote places of the country and shared their views programs with the people. The important point that should be mentioned is this that all electoral campaigns carried out by the candidates were in complete secure and confident situation provided by security forces.
The capacity and power of Afghan security forces became public, when the aims and dreams of armed oppositions, terrorist groups and Pakistani ISI for disrupting the process of elections ended without any result and international proved that the Afghan have the courage and capacity to defend their national interests and traditional values. Although, the security forces of our country were designing plans and programs for defending the life and the property of our innocent people, but on the other side of Durand Line Pakistani generals, designing ambitious and evil plans, tried hard to invade our sovereignty as the acting chief of National Security Directorate made it clear that the intelligent services of the region have dispatched 79 trained terrorist to carry out terrorist attacks during the elections process, 20 of them wearing suicide vests.
The decisiveness, high qualification, and moral and perseverance of Afghan security were the main reasons that led to shame of mercenaries and their patrons on the other side of Durand Line. The terrorist groups who persistently kill our innocent people and destroy their beloved homeland, this time, wanted to take the right of sovereignty from our people, but fortunately due to the patriotic endeavors and bravery of Afghan security forces failed to reach their evil goals in this sensitive region. Therefore, we are proud of our security forces and consider them as the honest defenders of national sovereignty, terrorist integrity and independence of our country.  T. Nemat

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