Sunday, April 13, 2014
Kabul (BNA) While so called Taliban claim that they have the responsibility of implementing Islamic sharia or law but a number of them have no any familiarity with essential pillars of Islam and even do not know how to take ablution for prayer.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes:  National Security Directorate personnel during the process of elections arrested 262 of people accused of involvement in terrorist activities such as suicide attacks, roadside mine explosions and targeting polling stations, but fortunately the Afghan security forces prevented them to reach their evil and inhumane goals planned on the other side of Durand Line. In addition to the patriotic personnel of National Security Directorate, the personnel of other security organs also achieved great and appreciable victories during the elections, all Afghans are proud of them.
As I mentioned earlier, the Afghan people are proud of the victories obtained by security forces in defusing all conspiracies of the enemies for disrupting the polling process but the most regretful fact revealed is that a number of insurgents who  captured by Afghan security forces do not know about the essential rituals of Islam. They do not know how to take ablution and recite the prayer. While the leadership of notorious group of Taliban claims that, the Taliban after precisely the situation of the country and the region form the religious points of view have apprised consciously against infidels as honest servants of Islam. But contrary to their claim, the documents obtained from the captured Taliban uncover the facts and portrait the real feature of so called Taliban. The leadership of Taliban who serve as the proxy of foreign intelligence, misusing the high religious feeling of illiterate rural people who know nothing about Islamic affairs, inject in their minds ideas that never meet Islamic values. For instance the leadership of Taliban tell those religious people but ignorance of Islamic teachings and principles that if you fight against infidels who are working for the government and live in urban areas if you kill them or  be killed by them you will go straightly  to the paradise . In this way, they pave the way for conducting terrorist’s activities, which cause heavy casualties and destructions and meet the demands of their bosses.
These facts and findings clearly indicate that Taliban using Islam as a political means to achieve their own interests and meet the demands of the intelligence of the region, because, Islam is a faith that emphasis on peace and shows much hatred against terror and genocide.
Therefore, Taliban is nothing to do with Islam, but by committing suicide and roadside bomb attacks and killing innocent Afghan people want to implement the ambitious and evil plans of their bosses in this sensitive region.  T. Nemat

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