Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Kabul (BNA) While NATO is getting preparation for withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan, but the fate of most of their military bases and equipment are not clear yet.
BNA commentator analyzing the issue writes: by the end of 2014 all international combating forces will leave Afghanistan, but president Obama in a meeting of NATO leaders in Chicago city has said three years ago that the pulling out of forces from Afghanistan was an ethical and responsibility moves this is they would implement all their commitments have made regarding to Afghan. One of their connections was persistent support from Afghan security forces, in order the Afghan security forces enjoying the support of international forces, can ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan and let not once again become the stronghold and hideout of terrorists and extremists that threats peace across the world. Equipping and capacity building of Afghan forces are also among those commitments to achieve the above objective.   
Also, handing over the remaining NATO and their ally’s installations and weapons and equipment were among the commitments, but fortunately this is not realized yet as required. NATO led forces, since their presence in Afghanistan have built at least 800 bases and military installations. But when the program of withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan has started, unexpectedly, those bases and installations which have been built at the cost of millions dollars, were ruined due to illogical reasons, while the newly established Afghan army, severally needed and needs them. Therefore, the Afghan government to prevent NATO authorities from this erroneous act has established commissions to institutionalize the process of obtain the control of the bases and installations the Afghan National Army is severally in need of them.
According Afghan authorities since the establishment of the commission 335 of the bases have been handed over to Afghan relevant organs. This move was very effective in ensuring and improving security in the country. While the foreign forces have destroyed a great portion of their installations, but according to the reports still there are about one hundred other bases, where several military installations are located at the disposal of foreign forces. Earlier the commanders of NATO forces in Afghanistan emphasized on three points for not giving the bases and installations to Afghan side as follow: 
Firstly, he claimed that the Afghan government and Afghan security organs have no the capacity of maintaining the installations.
Secondly, the Afghan government does not have the budget to keep the installations.
And thirdly, it is likely the insurgents would run over the installations and take the control of them.
On the other hand, diversity of opinions among the members of international coalition in Afghanistan is the main reason that prevents them from reaching a single decision. As, the ISAF spokesman in an interview with an international radio had said that the coalition consisted of 48 countries, and each of the countries, based on their views, policies and will can decide about the equipment and installations in Afghanistan.
But, the statement by ISAF authorities cannot quit them form responsibility, because the troops of 48 countries are commanded from the same command and a single center. Therefore, the decision regarding to the bases and installations should be taken to a single source. The Afghan authorities believe, the military bases and installations should be handed over to Afghan side and then it is Afghanistan to decide about has to use the bases and installations either for military or civilian purposes. Therefore, the points have been stated by NATO cannot fit the situation by Afghan national army is heading toward capacity building and improvement, can manage the installations properly and successfully.

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