Saturday, April 26, 2014
Kabul (BNA) April 5 is coincident with press day. The day was named by UNESCO suggestion and approved of UN in order to demonstrate the importance of media in modern world.
BNA commentator, commenting on importance of the day writes: the Afghan people are celebrating the April 5 as a press day, while they achieved great victories, in media sector and clearly shown the great role of media play in insuring security, peace and progress of the countries in various aspects of life.
Today, our country’s audio visual and printed media are enjoying much better condition in comparison to the countries of the region. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan based on the constitution has committed to support the freedom of speech and media as a whole and so far successfully has put in practice this great task. The state authorities, in order to insure sustainable progress of media and to prevent the journalists to be harmed and to settle the problems emerge in media smoothly and amicably have established a commission for assessing and investigating media violations within the framework of Ministry of Information and Culture, in this way the ministry has emerged as a mediator between the government and media activists and as a great supporter of media and freedom of speech.
This is a great achievement of Ministry of Information and Culture and the government as a whole, but unfortunately, they are certain circles who do not endure criticism via media and these circles are considered a grave threat to the media and media activists. One of these heinous circles is armed oppositions who threaten the journalists the most. The murdering of Ahmad Shaheed the Nawa Radio and Saba TV in suicide attack in Kabul and brutally killing of Sardar Mohammad France press correspondent in an attack on Kabul Serena Hotel along with his wife and two children are the clearest evidence of the savagery of those humanity enemies against journalist.
Meanwhile, the recent incidents in Khost province where a German journalist was killed and a Canadian photo reporter was injured indicate that Afghanistan is still a vulnerable place for media staff. Political experts believe, armed oppositions are a big threat against journalists in Afghanistan, what makes Afghanistan among the most dangerous countries against media activists is the animosity of armed opposition against freedom of speech which unveil their crimes committed again humanity.
They also imposed restrictions against communication networks, to prevent their criminal acts against innocent people, commit daily on the other hand, informing the people in a precise, transparent without any evil goal is the main duties and obligation of media, but there are some media, ignoring these sacred obligations and duties, so far have not failed to carry out their works on the bases of national interests, but contrary to that they have designed their plans which reflects ethnical, linguistic, and regions prejudices which severally harm our national unity that is a must for our independent, territorial integrity and progress of homeland.
Therefore, we ask all the people involved in media services to carry their duties according to their obligations and commitments already made for truly progress of our country and to avoid any discrimination that lead to discord among our people which without doubt will have grave and unavoidable consequences.   T. Nemat

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