Commentary // Pakistan Not Acquitted Only By Speech

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Rahel Sharif the Pakistani army chief of staff expressing a statement that Pakistan would not let terrorist attacks organized in its territory wants to exonerate his country where the centers of terrorism located.
BNA analyst who closely follows the military events and affairs of the region commenting on the issue writes it is undeniable fact that Pakistan is a stronghold of terrorism and extremism in the region and the terrorists using the Pakistan territory carry out their inhumane and barbaric attacks in Afghanistan.
Zulmay Khalilzad the then US ambassador to Afghanistan and the special envoy of that country in Iraq and Afghanistan in his book presenting clear and deniable reasons and evidences that unveil Pakistan’s support from terror.
In a new development the spokesman of US secretary of state regarding to the suicide attack on American university of Afghanistan said , “ we have expressed our concern regarding to Pakistan campaign against terrorism, Pakistan should not be a safe place for terrorist groups and should fight them without making any distinction among them.”   This is the US foreign ministry explicitly acknowledges to the existence of hideouts and stronghold in Pakistan territory where they recruit, trained, equipped and send to Afghanistan for bloodshed and destructions.
Today across the world, know about the location of big terrorists’ centers and why Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists?   These clear facts and evidences indicate that Pakistan was and is behind every terrorist incident.
The Pakistani diplomats and militarists constantly try to deceive people using good words and rhetoric, but today the people know where Asama bin Laden lived when American commandos raided on his residential house and killed him. Where Mullah Omer the leader of Taliban lived and where Mullah Mansoor targeted and where are the headquarters of Quetta council and Lashkar – i- Taiba? These undeniable documents indicate that all terrorist attacks are organized and directed from Pakistan. 
Therefore, the statement by Pakistani army chief of staff that says Pakistan not let terrorist attacks to organize from the soil of his county cannot exonerate Pakistani authorities accused for supporting terrorism.
The people only trust Pakistani authorities when they honestly vow that from now on the Pakistani soil not use against Afghans anymore and military and intelligence survive authorities practically close terrorists’ centers in that country and end to exporting terrorism.           

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