Construction Work of Congregational Mosque Begains In Samangan

Sunday August 28, 2016

Aibak City (BNA) The construction work of Khawaja Mohammad Wali congregational mosque has been started in Karta Sulha region, Aibak city the provincial capital of northern Samangan province.
The mosque will be constructed by financial assistance of local people and residents of Samangan living in Saudi Arabia.
Religious scholars, tribal elders and local residents were participated in the inauguration ceremony of the mosque.
Eng. Sayed Yaqoub Shah Roshanzadeh in-charge of the implementation project of the mosque said BNA, the construction cost of the mosque has been estimated USD 400,000, which supposed that the work of the mosque will implemented within one year.
The mosque will have the capacity of 1600 payers at a time and will constructed in circular shape on one acres of land in two floors.

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