Continuation of Rocket Attacks By Pakistan On Afghan Soil Intolerable, Authorities

Sunday March 2, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Since a while to date, the rocket attacks by Pakistan in border regions of Kunar and Nuristan provinces has begun and so far, 16 rockets from border regions of Pakistan to Afghan soil have been hurled. The continuation of rocket attacks had also the reactions of Afghan authorities.
The Kunar authorities while flaying the rocket assaults on eastern parts of the Afghanistan say that during recent days, the military authorities of Pakistan hurled 16 rockets in eastern regions of Afghanistan from among them the Dangam and Shegel districts, but had no losses behind. The Kunar governor Shuja-ul-Mulk Jalal in the connection said that on Sunday, the insurgents attacked in a military post in Kunar province and martyred 21 national army of Afghanistan and seven others were missing. Really, this is a painful incident for all people of Afghanistan that unfortunately after bloody incident of Ghazi Aabad district, another 16 rockets have been hurled.
It is not the first time that eastern provinces of Afghanistan are the witnesses of rocket assaults but, previously too, the rockets have been hurled on Afghan soil from Pakistan.
At the same time, head of information and culture department of Kunar province Roohullah Anwari certifying the rocket assaults on Dangam and Shegel districts said that the rocket assaults on the two said district is correct and so far, the residential people of eastern provinces of the country have been targeted by rocket hurled from Pakistan soil several times and previously, these attacks had losses behind as well. He added that as of four years to date, these assaults have been continuing and why the authorities of this province don’t resort to similar measures the fact is this that they are awaiting for instruction of high commander the instruction of the president. The latter believes that beyond the borders, there also live innocent people. As rockets are assault from beyond the borders on the soil of Afghanistan and civil and innocent people are killed in such manner. Rocket attacks kill civil people in either side of border as well.
He added that the Pakistan government should observe good neighborliness and stop its attacks as soon as possible and all issues should solve through diplomatic channel.
At the same time, the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan also expressed its concern over continuation of such assaults in eastern regions of Afghanistan and is willing these attacks be stopped as soon as possible. The spokesman of Minister of Interior Affairs Seddiq Seddiqi said to media that if this issue would seriously be investigated by the government.
Likewise, a number of members of parliament in the connection said they are asking the government and international community to adopt serious measures against Pakistan. They added that the Kunar issue is not a simple issue and the house of people seriously investigate it and also asked ISAF forces to establish a coordinating center in Tourkham to supervise from commuting of insurgents to Afghanistan.
A MP, Gulpadshah in this respect said that supporting from territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Afghanistan is the duty of our government and people and the government of Afghanistan also should set-forth all attacks of Pakistan on Afghan soil in international forums.
MP.MS. Shukria Barakzai said that as of one year to date, the rocket attacks by artillery units of Pakistan on Afghan soil is continuing and its fresh cases that occurred few days back, the military forces of that country hurled 16 rockets in Kunar and Nooristan provinces that these attacks are in contradiction with international norms and respect to territorial integrity of Afghanistan.
She added that for the solution of this issue and cutting of rocket attacks by Pakistan to Afghan soil, the government should refer to the UN security council so it to exert pressure on Pakistan and force the latter to refrain from rocket attack on Afghan soil.
She asked the people of eastern regions to support military forces in maintaining security in their related regions.
Similarly, a number of countrymen while flying these assaults ask the government to take its position before these attacks.
A resident of ninth district of Kunar city Waheedullah said in this regard that Pakistan resorted time and again to dual policy before Afghanistan and now that Afghanistan is promoting toward a relatively security and development, our neighbors especially Pakistan is not willing the people of this country to live in a secure environment and insecurities are funning by that country in Afghanistan.
He added that in patriotism and bravery, the people of Afghanistan are famous among all world nations but, there is a proverb that says: “The knot that is resolved by hand is needless for tooth.”
A student of Aryana High school Brishna says that Afghanistan is a country that has good ties with all world nations especially with its neighbors, but reciprocally, they are not honest.
We are expecting so to permit us to have a prosperous and calm life.
This is in a time that last year too in this season, such measures had been adopted by Pakistan in eastern regions of Afghanistan that as a result, over 760 rockets had been hurled to Afghan soil from Pakistan that now such attacks are repeated by that country as well in two provinces of Kunar and Nooristan despite because of continuation of these attacks, two high ranking authorities are negated from their posts by parliament, but these attacks are continuing so far.

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