Daesh Close To Annihilation After Leader Death

Wednesday August 10, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Daesh leader for Khurasan (lands including Afghanistan, Pakistan and the surrounding areas), Hafiz Sayeed has been reportedly killed in a US unmanned air-vehicle strike in eastern Afghanistan.
Gen. Zaman Waziri, Commander of Silab Corps 201 told media that Hafiz Sayeed, the so-called Daesh leader along with 30 of his subordinates was killed during a US drone strike in the east, a change would result in the terrorist network’s inevitable annihilation. The ministry of national defense also quoted some reports saying the Daesh violent leader had been killed during a foreign forces special air-raid, but the confirmation would be released after full securitization into the report. Sayeed has been a Pakistani Taliban leader who has been recently chosen as the Deash leader in Afghanistan, where the Afghan security authorities believed the imported militancy could never find hideouts. The ministry assured that it would dry out the Daesh roots inside Afghanistan, if wanted to create asylum, as the security forces area launching 16 to 18 operations in some districts, with weak Daesh fighters’ presence. The killing of Daesh leader would lay negative impact on the terrorist’s networks activities and would treat a harsh blow the group, in the remote areas and the supporters everywhere would be targeted or will not remain loyal to the group anymore, after their leader’s death.
The people of Afghanistan are not ready to accept the excommunicative group, as they don’t spare to kill innocent people including women, elderly and children and don’t allow women leave houses, without burqa or for what they reasoned unnecessary. What would be the standard for what they say should be set to require obeying hijab or going out for any religious excuse or how they could do this to clarify a woman will leave house for the religious reason or for what don’t necessitate. The ideology of the groups differs what the Afghan people are bent to and that they are inspired from other terrorists networks, are not can’t comply the Afghans religion and culture. The regional countries have also shown readiness for cooperation with the Afghan forces to fight the terrorist groups until their annihilation in the country. Besides the US, which is practically in war on the Daesh in many countries, some Asian countries are ready to fight any insurgency, particularly the ISIS’s affiliated fighters and put an end to their activities in the very Nangarhar province rather to allow them widen activities to other areas.
The Daesh emerged in Afghanistan, have 70 percent of the members from the Tahrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP), according to Afghanistan based US forces commander, John Nicolson. The group had been activated in Nangarhar of Afghanistan in close border with the terrorist training and financing country of Pakistan. The death of Hafiz Sayeed who is a Pakistan citizen proves that the fighters can’t find the next leader and safe sanctuaries in Afghanistan, as no one in the country would be ready to join or lead the brutal group. In Achen and Koot districts of the eastern province of Nangarhar, the dead bodies found from Daesh group fighters have Pakistani identity and this is clear that except a few individuals deceived by foreign terrorist circles, no one could be found to join Daesh in the country. Residents in Koot, Achen and Hasak Mina staged strong uprisings against the groups, after its emergence 16 months ago in the remote districts and resorting to the killing the people and exploding government and people establishments and properties. The group lost hundreds of its fighters during the government forces consecutive military operations in the province.
Hamidullah Faizi

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