Daesh Emergence Concerning In Afghanistan

Wednesday July 27, 2016

Kabul (BNA) UN office in Kabul has expressed its concern on expansion of Daesh group activities in Afghanistan.
In a news conference held in Kabul, the UN representative, Tadamichi Yamamoto said, ‘Daesh group is striving to expand activities in some provinces of the country.’ This comes after the Daesh group claimed responsibility for the recent bloody incident in the capital Kabul, which killed more than 80 and injured hundreds. Meanwhile, the people and civil society organizations are concerned on Daesh activities in the country, they ask the government of national unity and its international partners to increase focus on uprooting of the group. The Afghan people believe that the Daesh group is making effort to reach the Northern provinces at its earliest. The group’s activities are opposed of holy religion of Islam and Sharia, as they don’t have mercy on innocent people at all.
The Afghans stressed they won’t get rid of this nasty group unless Pakistan stops interfering to the internal affairs of the country. Recently, the government of Afghanistan took a proper position against Pakistan—a move that can force it to cooperate with Afghanistan in fighting terrorist groups. The country’s ministry of interior in a statement said, as a result of clashes and air strikes conducted by the Afghan security forces in several provinces, the armed insurgents have sustained heavy casualties. 44 Daesh and Taliban affiliated members had been killed and 47 others had sustained injuries in Nangarhar, Takhar and Farah provinces, the statement further said. The government of Afghanistan is decisive to fight terrorist groups and it won’t let them create problems to the Afghan people, the statement added. The Afghan government must make effort to uproot the Daesh group or it will seriously threaten the country, region and the world as well. The Daesh group is reportedly leading its activities to the north of Afghanistan to influence the Central Asian countries. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has promised to uproot the Daesh group, but how long does it take? It is unclear.
Recently, besides the ANSF, the international forces based in the country have intensified airstrikes particularly in eastern provinces to target the Daesh affiliated members hideouts, because, if the group is not seriously fought, it will threaten the entire world as well. This is while that the Daesh group has started activities in Achin, Shinwari, Haski Mini and Kot districts since the last sixteen months, but fortunately, they have faced serious reaction of the brave ANSF so far.
Hamidullah Faizi

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