Dara-e-Pich District Kunar Hospital is on the Verge of Exploitation

Asadabad (BNA) Construction of a hospital in Dara-e-Pich district is to be complete soon.

The clinic is expected to be operational in a few days.

This hospital with 30 beds has internal medicine, surgery and obstetrics.

Germany has spent forty-two million Afghanis to build the hospital.

Dr. Aziz-ul-Rehman Sapi, Director of Public Health of Kunar told  BNA that this hospital will be a suitable clinic for the residents of Manogi district and parts  of Nooristan.

He said the hospital would soon be equipped with modern medical equipment and that staff would be deployed to promote services.

Kunar health officials say similar hospitals will be built in Suki and Nari districts soon.

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