Delkusha, Koti Baghcha Palaces Utilized After Construction

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Kabul (BNA) Both Delkusha and Koti Baghcha palaces were put in exploitation after several years of full reconstruction, the presidential palace said in a statement. The Delkusha palace which had been built during the era of Amir Habibullah Khan at the presidential palace park, is called one of the scenic beautiful sites, where the country’s different kings, particularly, Mohammad Zahir Shah were hosting their guests and visitors as well as the king’s office was occasionally laid at the said palace, according to the statement. The heavily miniature palace with 600m2 housed special auditorium for the cabinet members meetings, conferences and dining room. Various miniature insiders of the Delkusha palace, its precious floors and tableaus represent the splendor of the country’s kingdom, according to the statement. Likewise, the Koti Baghcah palace with two floors had been built at an area of up to 300 m2 in 1925, with recently reconstruction process of 15 small, middle and big houses, where, Sardar Abdul Wali was living in. The miniature palace was the beautiful site, where Mohammad Ali Khan was residing, the statement said. Part of the Koti Baghcha was once used as museum, where in 1924; the Kabul museum was transported from Bagh-e-Bala to the kingdom palace, remaining for six years.

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