Democracy Basic Ways To Expand Stability, Khalili

Monday, January 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Swedish ambassador to Kabul met with second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili. 
They exchanged views on the peace process, important issues of Afghanistan and other issues of mutual interest. 
At the meeting Khalili appreciated the assistance of the Swedish government in reconstruction and development of Afghanistan and reiterated on further expansion of Sweden assistance in different provinces. 
He added that peace should not be sacrificed at the cost of past achievements but this should come within the framework of constitution, democracy and preservation of joint achievements of Afghanistan and the international community in the past one decade. 
He noted that the international community is the facilitator of peace process and the Afghan government should lead this process. 
He noted that the expectation of Afghan people from the international community is that as the ally of the people of Afghanistan to accelerate their support towards the new achievements and thus support the people of Afghanistan and should not repeat its past mistakes in relation to Afghanistan. 
He also called consolidation of democracy in the country one of the basic ways for expansion of peace and stability in the country. 
At the meeting the Swedish ambassador while confirming the assertions of Khalili in relation to peace process, emphasized on continued support of his country of the joint achievements of Afghanistan and the international community. 
He also touched on the activities of the Swedish PRT in Saripul, Badghis, and Samangan and informed of increased assistance of his government. 
He also touched on the concentration of Swedish committee’s activities in 18 provinces of the country and emphasized on increase of activities of this committee in other provinces.

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