President Karzai Thanks Parliament for Confirming Minister Nominations

Monday 05 March


March 5, 2012 – President Hamid Karzai thanked members of the Lower House of Parliament for giving vote of confidence on Saturday to the nominations for nine ministries.

The Lower House on its Monday session confirmed nine persons nominated by the President to the following ministries:

  1. Amir Zai SANGEEN, for the Ministry of Communications and Technology;
  2. Suraya DALIL, the Ministry of Public Health;
  3. Husn Bano GHAZANFAR, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs;
  4. Hasan ABDULLAHI, the Ministry  of Urban Development;
  5. Dawood Ali NAJAFI, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation;
  6. Dr. Obaidaullah OBAID, the Ministry of Higher Education;
  7. Ismayel KHAN, the Ministry of Energy and Water;
  8. Najibullah OZHAN, the Ministry of Public Works;
  9. Wais Ahmad BARMAK, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

President Karzai appreciates the move by the Lower House of Parliament in carrying out their constitutional duty and wishes the confirmed Ministers success in serving their country and nation


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