Destiny of Electoral Reforms To Be Soon Clarified

Sunday August 21, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Second Vice-President, Sarwar Danesh recently asserted that the destiny of electoral reforms will be cleared this week.
The government of national unity seems to be decisive on holding elections and after reforming the electoral laws, it will take practical steps in the respect. Would the government be able to hold the parliamentary and district councils’ elections this year, is a question that has a specific answer. The Afghan people stress that considering climate change, holding of the elections is impossible, but the government should prepare itself for the next year to hold the elections in next Jawza (3rd month of the solar year) without any deficiencies. Welcoming specifying of the electoral reforms fate, the observant organizations say that the government of Afghanistan should make serious efforts to consider the suggested reforms of the organizations and implement the process without any delay, so the people don’t face problems anymore. The government of Afghanistan should make effort to hold parliamentary and district councils’ elections to legitimate the Wolesi Jirga.
Election is a democratic move, and it should not be affected anymore, because, if the people once more lose trust in elections, it will negatively affect the process in the future. The government of Afghanistan calls rejections of legislative decrees by the lower house of the parliament a challenge before implementation of the electoral reforms. President Ashraf Ghani has earlier issued two legislative decrees on electoral reforms which were refused by National Assembly and then the government counseled with Supervision Commission on Implementation of the Constitution. Then, the commission said, based on article 79 of the constitution, if the lawmakers go to recession, the president can issue any kind of decree and enforce it by his own without approval of the National Assembly. Now, the government has decided to issue the third legislative decree on electoral reforms this week and implement it without Wolesi Jirga’s approval. Therefore, if it is done, there is no need to wait for reforms in electoral laws and commissions any longer. It is to be mentioned that the Parties’ Council is also stressing that the parliamentary and district councils’ elections time should be specified soon. Thus, if the destiny of electoral reforms is cleared, it can be also a great achievement to the government of Afghanistan in Brussels conference. Meanwhile, the international community has made its assistances conditional, based on which the government is responsible to apply good governance, fight corruption and bring reforms in its electoral system. It is worth mentioning that the government of Afghanistan is seriously making efforts to practice what it has promised to the international community before holding Brussels conference which is held on October 5, so it can attract the international community’s assistances without any conditions.
Hamidullah Faizi

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