Distribution of E-IDs Necessary For Transparent Elections

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Kabul (BNA) One of the essential issues which are important for holding of parliamentary and provincial councils and districts councils elections, is very important and distinguishes tribes identity, is E-IDs. The Afghan people are waiting distribution of E-IDs.
In upcoming elections, distribution of E-IDs would prevent fraud a case that was extensively seen in previous elections. The leaders of the NUG had promised that upon taking power, would start distribution E-IDs. But two years since the elections. E-IDs have not been distributed while the E-IDs law was approved last year by the parliament.
At the same time, over nine million E-IDs have been planned and designed by international organizations while over 26million eligible people should receive it. It would cost $100m. So far the Afghan people lacked such document. E-IDs became a sensitive issue that caused ethnic claims and crisis.
Distribution of E-IDs would relax this crisis. Some people believe that nationality, language and national anthem represent overall picture of Afghanistan. Although distribution of E-IDs was the first requirement of parliamentary and district councils elections but due to certain problems, the parliament mission was extended to another one year term and parliamentary and districts councils elections were delayed.
According to CEO Deputy spokesman, Jawed Faisal, there are millions voters with faked cards which are published in Pakistan. This is an urgent problem and we need its reform. Insecurity is an unquestionable problem.
After the ousting of terrorists Taliban in 2001 and establishment of democracy with the help of the world community and investment of the western counties, still Afghanistan is engulfed with ethic problems.
Most of the government posts have been occupied by war lords, influential or their close relatives or loyal. While all people of Afghanistan are equal before law and have no privileges than each other.
Experts believe that although E-IDs is a simple issue but today it has been changed to a hot political issue. Everyone who is living in Afghanistan, is addressed as Afghan and should be allowed to exploit this available historical chance. The Afghan even a vendor, professor, a trader know its usefulness that prevents fraud during election and would improve stability in the country and coordination among ethnic groups. It would create more facilities to get passport. 

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