Dozens of Taliban Including Pakistani and Chechen Fighters Killed in Kandahar Operation

Kandahar (BNA) While the NSA continues to conduct counter-terrorism operations in Kandahar, military officials say dozens of insurgents, including Pakistani and Chechen fighters, have been killed.

Foreign fighters have been mostly involved in training minesweepers, armed attacks, and making bombs and mines for Taliban affiliates.

The operation was launched at least two days ago with the support of the Air Force in parts of Panjwai district; Locations that have recently witnessed the presence and activity of the armed Taliban, especially foreign fighters affiliated with this group.

Source in the National Security Zone in Kandahar told BNA that 70 militants were killed and dozens more wounded during the operation.

The dead included three Pakistani and three Chechen fighters, he said.

The foreign fighters were reportedly training in bombing, mining and terrorist attacks for the Taliban in Kandahar.

Earlier last month, Kandahar police chief Gen. Tadin Khan announced an increase in the presence of foreign fighters in the Taliban ranks in the south of the country.

He said the foreign fighters were affiliated with al-Qaeda, which teaches Taliban members how to build bombs, mines, terrorist attacks and the use of night-vision weapons.

Meanwhile the Taliban, have denied links to global terrorist networks, including al-Qaeda, especially after signing a peace deal with the United States.

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