Early Morning Meetings Show Govt.’s Seriousness Towards People’s Security, President Ghani

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated in 6:30am team meeting held for Kabul security at first vice president office yesterday, a presidential press office statement said.

In the meeting, First Vice President Amrullah Salih first briefed related to the goal of these meetings held for maintaining security of Kabul, counter terrorism and crimes, solution of people’s problems and working to implement security charter.

Considering close coordination of the country’s security organs towards counter terrorism and crimes as effective, VP Salih said the team meeting while bringing coordination in affairs specify priorities of national police and other institutions so that people could live in a safe environment.

First vice president by recalling the implementation process of security program, people’s cooperation with national police and effectiveness of the security program in identification of criminals and terrorists and their arrest added reviewing of usurped lands and illegal townships by relevant institutions was underway.

Afterwards, President Ghani praised the first vice president for accepting responsibility for Kabul security and that he created close coordination between relevant government institutions, saying that good work should be appreciated and shortcomings should be addressed as Kabul people wanted implementation of the law and executions what the team decided.

“We’re fully supporting the Kabul security team and their steps towards implementation of the law are approvable for presidential office, security council and cabinet as the legal and resolute government can achieve the people’s trust,” President said, adding that relations between relevant organs have been coordinated and legal works of the security team could increase people’s trust in the country’s defense and security organs.

President Ghani asserted that the Kabul security team should perceive the value of Kabul as it was considered as the home of all Afghans and symbol of national unity, stressing that people should live in a peaceful environment in Kabul.

“By returning the usurped areas and lands, Kabul can be changed to a city with increasing revenues and this process should be seriously followed,” President asserted, adding that the Kabul security team should be further strengthened so that Kabul city becomes secure.

The country’s President said that he would spare no resources from the Kabul security team, stressing that Ulamas should be part of the team’s programs.

At the end of his speech, President Ghani said that starting the 6:30 AM meetings were showing seriousness of the government, adding that security organs as a coordinated team was working to revive the people’s trust and their trust was the biggest investment for the government.

The country’s President stressed that nobody wanted to migrate, calling on the Kabul security team to fully prevent from usurpation of lands and all illegal works as the team was full authorized to execute and implement the law.

Pointing to effectiveness of the security program, President Ghani by stressing on the implementation of the program said a special fund would be soon created to provide residential apartments to the families of security forces and families of martyrs and Ulamas.

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