ECC Provincial Offices To Be Operational Soon: Officials

Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) has pledged to inaugurate the provincial office before provincial council’s campaigns kicked off. Despite six months period since the appointment of vie ECC members, provincial offices of the concerned electoral institution yet to activated.
Elaborating on the topic, ECC Chairman Nadir Mohseni said, “the initial works have been completed on the matter; the ECC is committed to make sure the inauguration of provincial offices before the start of provincial council’s campaigns,”
“Some of the commissioners have been dispatched to the provinces and will officially start their jobs in few days,” ECC chairman Nadir Nadir Mohseni said, ”Preparations are underway to ensure opening of the provincial offices as soon as possible,”
In the meantime, The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) has said that on the basis of the law, the hearing of the complains field against the candidates were only the tasks of the Electoral Complaints Commission, saying that late office inauguration shows the deficiency of the responsible institution.
“Those who files the complaints against the candidates, there is possibility that their names are disclosed and this would endanger their lives, “FEFA spokesman Fahim Naeemi said.
The Independent Election commission of Afghanistan (IEC) has emphasized that there is a need for a close coordination and harmony between the two election bodies in order to ensure holding of free, fair and transparent elections.
“I swear before the people of Afghanistan to accomplish my job with honesty on the basis of the prevailing laws of the country,” a newly appointed ECC Commissioner said.
It is quite significant to mention that late opening of ECC provincial offices followed major criticisms from the election supervising bodies, civil society institutions and the people.
This comes at a time that Last week 120 ECC provincial commissioners took oath of the office and pledged to conduct duty with honest and transparency.

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