Efforts Being Made To Strengthen National Police

Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) General Besmellah Minister of Interior Affairs left Kabul for a working visit to Khost to study the living status, development and the activities of the national police. 
The minister had already visited 13 other provinces and in Khost he met with the generals and heads of department in the province. 
The minister in this visit met with the governor, police commander, some members of the provincial council and some elders and sought their viewpoints about the police activities and noted shortages there. 
In the meeting the chairman of the provincial council of Khost expressed satisfaction over the improvement in professional behavior of police and said that almost 80% of the people are happy and optimistic and they support the efforts of the interior ministry. 
Deputy Governor of Khost called the minister’s visit as positive for development of the police forces. 
General Besmellah expressed satisfaction over efforts of the police there and added that efforts are being continued for further strengthening of the police so that these forces till the year 2014 undertake the security responsibility of the country when foreign forces leave the country. 
He also visited the prison of the province and instructed the officials for removing of the problems and praised the services of the prison officials. 
At the end of the visit the minister also inspected the coordination center of the province and praised those including the police commanders who better served their tasks and distributed gifts to them.

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