Election Campaigns” Should Use Domestic Print Industry To Boost Economic Activities

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Economic analysts and Afghanistan Industries Association (AIA) have called on the presidential and provincial councils candidates to act upon their commitments with regard to national economic development strategy.
Experts have mounted criticisms on the election campaigns because of not seeking services of domestic print industry.
There are reports revealing that most of the election contenders have printed election campaigns related materials including banners, posters, magazines and leaflets in neighboring countries which financially have left detrimental consequences on local print industry.
“Since establishment of the interim administration, free market economic activities was introduced in the country, the government of Afghanistan didn’t pursue comprehensive national economic development process over the past thirteen years to make sure the growth of domestic productions, the issue has pushed Afghanistan to consuming market which has also led to capital flee, each sectors need government support and concentration to avoid further collapse of national industries including printing industry,” economic commentator, Rohollah Ahmadzai said.
“Printing of election advertisement leaflets, banners and photos could be of one the practical step toward strengthening national industry, Afghanistan has gained satisfactory development in printing sector, Afghan printing industry is now fully equipped with modern facilities and it could compete with the printing industry of neighboring countries,” he said. “Despite the candidates pledge major strategies for booting up national economy and economic opulence, but yet, most of them haven’t taken practical step and printed their election materials outside the country.”
Member of the Academy Science Sher Ali Tarzi believes that the candidates must prove their patriotism and honesty by using national print industry. Afghan printing industry is fully capable of printing the election materials with best quality. It’s regrettable that the candidates utilize printing press of the neighboring countries and invest money outside the country. “The candidates must focus on economic activities during election campaigns, they should implement their economic plans by using domestic print industry,” member of academy of science Tarzi stated. Job recession remains one of the major issues before the Afghan people. The issue has forced thousands of Afghan youths to resort on illegal migrations to foreign destinations for seeking fresh job opportunities. The election candidates by realizing the economic condition of the Afghan people must undertake comprehensive plans to support people find and job and promote their economy.    

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