“Elections Is An Islamic Principle, Women And Men Should Take Part”: Mullah Imams

Saturday March 8, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Mullah Imams (The clerics who cites the prayers) in Friday prayers sermon ask the people to take active part in presidential and provincial council elections.
Also they urged the people to play their role in maintaining a clean environment and participate in sapling planting programs to prevent and reduce the pollution.
BNA correspondents reporting across the country said that the clerics calling elections is an Islamic principle and heritage of great Islamic caliphs asked the people participating in the elections fulfilling this Islamic obligation and vote for a candidate who is illegible for the post.
The Imams also in their sermons pointed out that the women according to Islamic principle and teachings have the right to be elected or elect.
The clerics in preachers once again ask the armed oppositions to end bloodshed and serve the problems according to Islamic verdicts and negotiation, because Islamic sacred religion seriously asks its followers to solve their problems through negotiation and ensuring peace.

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