Extraordinary Session of Mushrano Jirga Held

Sunday, March 16, 2014 Kabul (BNA) The senate with Fazal Hadi Mulimyar held its extraordinary session after opening legislature year of the national assembly yesterday. According to Upper house press office to BNA, in his adders, Muslimyar while welcoming the senate members in the session said that the general session and the meetings of the senate commissions will go ahead its preceding after winter vocation. After sitting senator Nisar Haris and senator Najiba Hussaini temporarily on administrative desk and meeting of 12 commissions of senate, the replacing 68 members of senate with 68 new one through provincial councils following April elections was discussed and unanimously decided that the members of the administrative cell and the 12 commissions would continue their routine job until 68 new members come after the coming provincial councils elections being held on April 5 this year.

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