Financial, Administrative Deputy Foreign Minister Introduced

Sunday, March 09, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Atiqullah Aatifmal who is appointed as deputy foreign minister in financial and administrative affairs, has officially introduced yesterday to the employees of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and began to his work.
At the ceremony held on the same occasion, at the ministry of foreign affairs lauding the works of Aatifmal, foreign minister Zarar Ahmad Osmani resolved appointment of him at this post as suitable and hoped with the performances of new financial and administrative deputy foreign minister, considerable changes to be occurred in the process of activities of the ministry and the working team of the ministry be further strengthened from cadre point of view.
Afterwards, expressing his gratitude for proposal of foreign minister and trust of the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to him, Aatifmal said I hope under the instruction of foreign minister and close cooperation of employees of this ministry to perform my patriotic mission and jointly to attain further successes.
Previously, as a precedent diplomat, Aatifmal has worked as head of protocol department of ministry of foreign affairs, general consul of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the Los Angeles city of the US, head of parliamentary relations of ministry of foreign affairs ministry and general consul of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Dubai and recently based on the proposal of ministry of foreign affairs and order no. 7728 dated 5/12/1392 of presidential office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan he appointed as the deputy foreign minister in administrative and financial affairs.

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