Firs Istanbul Process Coordination Meeting Held In Kabul

Monday, February 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) First coordination meeting chaired by the deputy political forging minister, Jaweed Ludin and attended by a number of regional and world diplomats and ambassador including the UN special representative to Afghanistan was held in the ministry’s compound to assess the Istanbul process, the minister of foreign said.
According to the press for the ministry of foreign, the meeting members emphasized on the importance of the Istanbul process and called necessity of pursuing its results as the new agenda too effective and prolific in implementation of cooperation in heart of Asia.
The meeting also announced preparation of Afghanistan for holding a meeting would to be attended by the ministers of the area of the Asian hearth and other Istanbul Peruse the process in June, 2012.
The members of the meeting called the approved agendas of the Istanbul conference to expand regional cooperation and announced their support from the process.
The Istanbul conference was held in November 2 in the Turkish country, this year.

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