First Female General Suhaila Siddiq Passes Away

Kabul (BNA) Suhaila Siddiq, the first female lieutenant general in Afghanistan and a well-known surgeon, passed away at a hospital in Kabul on Friday, her relatives confirmed.

Siddiq served for 36 years in Sardar Daud Khan Military Hospital in Kabul.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a statement condoled her death, calling her one of the country’s top surgeon.

Siddiq served as the Minister of Public Health and as a senior surgeon in the military hospital in the past decades.

Siddiq was the only woman in Afghanistan to hold the title of lieutenant general.

She has been working for the government of Afghanistan since Mohammed Zahir Shah’s reign.

According to doctors, Siddiq had Alzheimer’s disease and her illness in the past year took the ability to remember things.

Siddiq born in 1938 in Kabul, she started her studies in Kabul Medical University but completed her medical studies in Moscow. Siddiq was single and had no family member as her parents have passed away.

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